Marseille soap with Lavender aroma 125 grams


Marseille soap with Lavender aroma 125 grams

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Marseille soap with Lavender aroma 125 grams

As far as our soaps are concerned, they are totally organic.

Lavender soap relaxes the body and mind, making it the ideal beauty product for hot baths and relaxing moments: properties and benefits.

Origin of the name
Lavender is an aromatic herbaceous plant used very often for the care of beauty and the person in general. Its flowers are made unmistakable by the characteristic color ranging from blue to lilac but especially by the intense but delicate scent. This herb is particularly suitable for cleansing the body and perfuming water, so much so that this resource seems to have earned her the evocative name of “lavender”.

Lavender for relaxation
The essential oil of lavender dissolved in the bathtub lifts the body from the accumulation of fatigue and heaviness in the lower limbs. Why not try it in an evening footbath too?

Lavender soap: all its properties
In addition to well-being, lavender essential oil can be added to the soap. The fresh and intense fragrance is supported by a high washing power that cleanses the skin without attacking it. Thanks to its relaxing effect, the soap is the number one ally when bathing in the bathtub Excellent also in the facial treatment, it cleanses and has a light make-up removal power while respecting the natural pH of the skin. It also purifies and disinfects giving a drastic cut to the appearance of acne, spots and blackheads.

Using our soaps the skin in particular tends to be smoother and the imperfections are less evident. This product that is not tested on animals can be an excellent anti moths if introduced in cabinets.

Flavours available in stock: Apricot, Algae, Aloe Vera, Aleppo, Argan; Clay, Cinnamon, Cherry, Eucalyptus, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Raspberry, Donkey’s Milk, Lavender, Lilac, Lemon, Green Lemon, Almond, Marine, Melon, Mint, Honey, Olive, Opium, Patchuoli, Passion, Pine, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Green Tea, Red Grape, Vanilla, Vervena, Grape marc, Violet…

Exclusive product from Provence

Packaged in bulk weight 125 grams

Available on our site of the pretty little boxes of sheet metal or for one or for 5 pieces excellent gift idea

Our Marseille soaps are GREENPALM certified

We make customized quotes for large quantities

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